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My Educational Philosophy

I believe that every child deserves a equal opportunity at a challenging education, and I will do my best to differentiate my instruction so that every student's learning style is addressed in my classroom. Students should be able to be challenged, but within their own comfort zone. Every child is unique, and needs to be allowed to express their own talents and ideas.

About Me

My name is Michelle Meyer. This site was created in the fall semester of 2010, while I was a student at Illinois State University. I have always enjoyed volunteering throughout the community, and the students will be encouraged to do the same throughout the semester. The students will be required to volunteer for at least three hours a week. This will help not only the locations, that have been preapproved, but also the students discover how they can benefit and learn from others. I have always enjoyed working with children, and have had many opportunities to help children. Some of these opportunities including the following: coaching, babysitting, tutoring, and volunteering at multiple centers. I am about to begin student teaching, and believe this will be an experience that I will never forget. Throughout the unit, parents will be asked to help the students at home with projects, and come into the classroom as much as possible. Also, parents are encouraged to volunteer at the centers also throughout the year.


Monday: Look up 3 facts or cultural ideas that were not discussed in class, and bring them into class.
Tuesday: Label and coloring the map of Mexico that is provided (every point must be labeled).
Wednesday: Write a journal or newspaper article about one historical event in Mexico.
Thursday: Write a paragraph about your family’s cultures/ practices/ beliefs.
Friday: Complete your poster, you must have at least one section for each section of the website.

Contact Me

If you have any questions feel free to email me or call me at any time. I would love to hear your opinion on this unit. Also, if you have any ideas on activities that the class can do or personal stories, feel free to share them. (click the apple below)


This Website was created by Michelle Meyer: completed on 12/15/2010