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The Federal government of Mexico and the governments of each of the states of Mexico maintain and function with a division of power and authority on a three branch (sector) system: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

The executive branch of the government is the administrative branch, which charged with the administration of the government. The Federal level has a President and ministers of government (also known as Secretaries of government). The President also has the authority/responsibility of approving the laws passed by the congress (legislative)

The legislative branch of government is the law making branch, which is charged with the review and determination of when and where laws are necessary. This branch receives assistance from the Executive branch by its proposal of laws and at times by its rejection of laws passed by the legislative branch.

The legislative body is composed of a chamber of deputies (similar to that of the house of representatives in the US) and a chamber of senators (similar to that of the senate in the US). The proposals of law must pass both chambers before being brought to the President for his ratification.

There are Federal level courts and State level courts. The Federal level Courts resolve issues foreseen under federal laws and the State level courts (for each state) resolve issues foreseen under state level laws.

The legal system is Mexico provides for Federal Laws and State laws. There is a Federal Constitution and a state constitution for each of the states of Mexico. Laws and regulations are created by: (1) decisions made in the legislative branch of government, by decrees of the President and by jurisprudence created by the federal court, and (2) in the case of federal legislation, by 5 consecutive decisions resolved in the same manner by the Supreme Court regarding the same issue.

The President of Mexico, the governors of Mexico and the members of the Chambers of Senators and Deputies are elected by popular vote of the citizens of Mexico. The judges are appointed by the Executive branch.

Since legislative and executive heads are elected, the concept of political parties is very present in Mexico. Although there are several (more than 15) political parties, the two front runners are the "PRI" and "PAN parties.