Dominican Republic

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Hello and welcome to the Dominican Republic homepage. There is a lot of interesting information in here. At the bottom of every page there are links to any other page to the Dominican Republic space. There is also a quick link back to this page at the bottom as well as one to the Latin American home page to make navigating this wiki easy and fun. Remember if you get lost you can always click on Dominican Republic home and see this again so click around learn a lot and have a good time.
There is a lot of information in here. It is separated into the general information, geography, history, culture, political systems, and economics. The pages each have some information but if you want more details or more information in general there are links you can click to find our more information. There are also activities that we will do in class as well as a teacher page that has a calendar, homework listings, and a little about my self and my classroom.
If you have any questions at the bottom of this page you can click to send me an email or to offer up your time or knowledge in these subject.

General Information
Political System
Teacher's Page

This is the Domincan Republic's Flag
This is the Domincan Republic's Flag

This is a look at the Dominican Republic

If you would like to help our class please click above
If you would like to help our class please click above

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