Political System
The political system in place in the Dominican Republic is very similar to the United States system and it has been in place for over 30 years.
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Political System
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The Dominican Republic has in place a newly ratified constitution. The changes were first ratified in 1994 and was tweaked further in 2000-2004 with the president at the time. The countries enjoys their stable democratic process of democratic representation.

Their system has three branches; executive, legislative and judicial. All of these provided a unique part of the system. Executive consists of
Leonel Fernandez Reyna, the president of the Dominican Republic

the president and their cabinet. Legislative is made up of two houses of senators and deputies. Lastly is the judicial branch, a national council that is all about implementing the laws in place. All three of these are meant to create a system that minimizes the opportunity to have someone takeover too much power.

The president is elected and holds their term for 4 years. They apporint cabinate members in charge of speicif areas the county needs attention in. The current president of the Dominican Republic is Leonel Fernandez Reyna.

The legislative branch is also elected. The senate and chamber of deputies both hold positions for 4 year terms. The senators consist of 30 seats; one seat for each of the nation’s provinces, and the national district, which acts as the 30th province.

The Chamber of Deputies are based around the provinces population. Each member generally represents 50,000 Dominicans. Currently there are 178 deputies.

The judicial branch at the national level is made up of a national judicial council. The council has the duty to uphold the regulations put in place. They appoint judges independently and separately from the political process. This is Civil Law and this system of independent judiciary is based on the current system used in France.

There is voluntary voting and citizens can vote after the age of 18.
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